Panda’s Boxes

Panda Laying an Egg???

Boxes…Oh how I love them

Big or small

I try them all

Plastic, cardboard, wooden or cane

If they’re empty or open

I’m afraid

They’re fair game

Egg Cartons are comfy

A lovely soft place

Plastic on hot days is a nice cool place

Cane allows a breeze to ruffle my fur

But cardboard…WOW…that makes me purr  

And a carton of Coke with a can or two

Is a brilliant place to surprise you

All I can say…is a box is for me

It was the place I was born

My first


(I am not sure if Panda was born in a box but she certainly emerged from a cat box at the right time at the RSPCA Refuge. As I type this she has just made herself comfortable in my bead box) 🙂


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