I’m painting Bela

A scene in black and white

Dracula 1931

Cobwebs hang from the walls

He is poised, undead

With Mina Murray in his arms


A beaming Ed Wood

Grinning as Glen and Glenda

Clothed in his girlfriends’ angora sweater

Infiltrates my mind

And won’t let go


Now Bela wrestles

With a humungous octopus

In a scene from Plan Nine from Outer Space

No longer the dark dashing Count

Poor Bela

He wrestled more than his ego

 Some things are stronger

 Than a monster from the deep

He succumbed to his demons

While his Dracula

 The charismatic immortal

Poses for us all

And Bela lives on

in celluloid immortality

©Dianne Turner 2011


4 thoughts on “Bela

  1. He was a sad soul, was he not! Still he was sooooooo cool!!

    Oh yeah, I love the poem too, not just the subject, AND your painting. Those wonderful stairs!!!

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