Panda V’s The Printer

Uh oh…there it goes again


I’m a coming…

I wanna see…

Oh look at that…

That white is going in…

I see it…wow!

Now I just have to wait…

Yep it’s gone

In there…

I know it…

I saw it…

It comes out here…     



Maybe it got…nah…it went in…I saw it, didn’t I?

I think…

Possibly not…


Where did it go???  

I’ll take a look

It has to be in here somewhere

Gee whiz

Some mysteries are never meant to be solved

 All that noise…then…


I’ll just sit here and pretend

that I just don’t care.

Check out Panda Vs Printer here


32 thoughts on “Panda V’s The Printer

  1. wow….totally totally loved ur post…the words and the picture…such a simple scenario and a beautiful rhyme…guess thats what makes the ordinary extraordinary!!!!

  2. Lovely. Curiosity and the cat. Mine used to like sitting on my knee as I was typing… if I got up for anything he would try and take a swipe at the keyboard.

  3. I like it. . .it is so interesting to try to read the minds of children and animals, both of whom find fascination in many things we find ordinary, boring, and even tedious. Cute photos you chose to accompany.

    It just occurs to me, there is an interesting coincidence between your poem & photo post here, and the title of my Rally entry.

    I invite you to visit my blog and see it:

    Happy Rally!

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