The Clown

Here’s a bit of fun…:)




This clown was painted by my good friend Natalie Burns, especially for this poem

Thanks Nat…:)

The Clown

The tent was empty

Devoid of the laughter

That had once lingered

Now the deflated canvas

Is a shell

All life sucked out

I enter

 to clean the remnants of that laughter

the sweetness of stale candy

hangs in the air

while sawdust irritates

and…”Ah CHooooooooowlllll”

My sneeze deafened

By a heart curdling howl

Both guttural and gurgling

As if it had ascended

From some deep murky cavern

It ached in my ears, as it engulfed the silence

Shuddering I raised my mop

At what…I couldn’t be sure

But the noise

Repeated as if only in my head

I dropped the mop

And grabbed my ears

Trying to push the sound from my head

A shadow loomed

Nerves pulsed

like moths at a light bulb

I looked up


standing before me

Larger than life

Strangely affected


His crazy eyes like black marbles

His painted smile was a sneer

That revealed his razor sharp teeth

Blood hung from his mouth

he roared

His smelly breath propelling

Bloody saliva onto my face

Here is where I should have died…

Here is where I should turn tail and RUN

But an aficionado that I am of the Zombie genre

I picked up my bucket

Brought it down on his head

In a swift movement

I grabbed my broom

Broke it over my raised knee

And as the crazy clown

Stumbled in the dark

I plunged the sharp edge sticks into his heart

He gurgled, and gagged

But that was the end of the Zombie clown

And the beginning of Zombie Washers

Just call 007 Zombie

And we’ll be there in a flash

To clean up your crime scene

Zombie extermination….FREE!

©Dianne Turner 2011


12 thoughts on “The Clown

  1. you smart……….

    working on placing your link to Jingle Poetry Blog Roll ..

    welcome join poetry potluck week 30 on Sunday again.

    you rock.

  2. spooky, cooky, and strange…great language. I like the line his eyes balck marbles. I enjoyed this poem. Suspenseful.

  3. Unexpected ending had me laughing. Such an unususal poem. You are an artist with your words. Wonder what will come from you screen next?

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