Bushland Bay Sonata


I walk down to the water,

where the bush encounters

the mangrove lined


Through a small clearing,

I can see across the water

and make out the cut outs of suburbia

nestled on the shore

behind, the mountains, are juxtaposed

against storm filled skies.

Here I walk in the company of birds.

Who politely allow me passage

through their terrain.

They watch closely,

and  appear to escort me

on my journey


Flying, from tree to tree,

bouncing, from limb to limb,

disappearing, into the grasses

where dragonflies

momentarily stop,

balancing precariously on the blades

that bend ever so slightly

toward butterflies

on a mission.

Who twist and twirl

like colourful blossoms

in their own delicate tornado.

Once the alien,

an intruder in their world

I am now just another entity

Who has fallen

and connected with this wonderland.


17 thoughts on “Bushland Bay Sonata

  1. I love the image…suburbia is out there somewhere in the distance, but doesn’t intrude on the natural wonder. There is something primordial about mangrove trees. Beautifully done. vb

  2. Your imagery is stunning. I really loved this. It was a bit shocking to go from this to your clown! lol…think I will stick with butterflies and birds. This is my first visit to your blog. I like your style very much. Thanks! hugs, pat

  3. What a delightful read. I enjoyed this so much I am voting for you this week. Thanks for visiting me and for your kind comments. Blessings, Iris

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