Murder Of Crows

High up in the sky

Crows toss themselves at each other


And falling

Feathers like pieces of ash




Wounds from the furnace above.

© Dianne Turner 2011


15 thoughts on “Murder Of Crows

  1. As usual…you have got me thinking. “Wounds from the furnace above”….hmm…that could be a metaphor for so much. By the way ” Murder” is the coolest of all collective nouns. Keep up these great posts. Vb

  2. The furnace above. That is way way cool.

    One crow sorrow
    Two crows joy.
    Three crows something?
    Four crows a boy.
    bla, bla, bla.
    And something for a secret that’s never been told.

    Sorry, bout the memory lapses in that. 🙂

    And too lazy to Google the correct version.

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