Panda’s Favourite Things

(Read or sing to the tune of My Favourite Things)


Geckos on windows

Chirping quite loudly

Moths swiftly dancing

Or sleeping quite soundly

Pulling down curtains

And chasing ends of strings

These are a few of my favourite things


Leaves on the flowers

Knocking down vases

Bleach on the floorboards

Invariably crazes

Climbing up the flywire

That’s where I like to cling                        

That’s got to be my most

Favourite thing

Waking her up

In the morning

Jumping from a height

Gets me my breakfast

And I will meoooooowwww

With de—–light.


©Dianne Turner 2011


22 thoughts on “Panda’s Favourite Things

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  2. Amber says she likes doing all of those things too, except for curtains.
    She’s especially fond of mixing things up, climbing the flywire to get to the moths who are invariably OUTSIDE!
    Luckily for me she wakes up others for breakfast and leaves me sleeping. Such consideration!!!!
    GO PANDA!!!!!!

  3. what a cute poem set to one of my favorite songs in my pick of movies of all times. Your kitten sounds adorable and exasperating. Thanks for the fun.

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