Here Sleeps The Soldier


Here sleeps the soldier

On this beach

Bathed with the blood and dreams

Of young men

Who lived only for the adventure, the duty, the belief

And died for …


First tour of duty

First step on a foreign shore

First time he’d raised a gun

First time he gave his life

For the adventure, the duty, the belief


And that boy who had yet to live

Did he fire his first shot

His first bullet against tyranny

That soared on the breath of his fear

To be delivered with belief


To the soldier

Who also sleeps

On a beach bathed with blood and dreams

Of young men

Who lived only for the adventure, the duty, the belief

And died for…


24 thoughts on “Here Sleeps The Soldier

  1. This is very moving…I’m a veteran myself. Then, there is that great unanswered (unanswerable) question you express with “….” Really good job, P-cat. Vb

  2. This sad poem speaks to the heart of nations as well as individuals. My Grandmother’s first husband died in WWI after responding to the call of the Government for more men. Those that went were poorly trained and didn’t stand a chance of surviving. He was killed after a couple of months, just before the war ended. I am writing a novel about my Grandmother’s life and your poem spoke to me so clearly about her story and the need to keep writing! Many thanks for sharing, Elizabeth.

    • Elizabeth, thank you for your comments. I am glad this poem has kept your goal clear in your mind. Recently, on ANZAC Day the radio was playing some of the old news reels and the reporter spoke of “all these gallant young men heading off on their great adventure.” Some men only boys lucky to be 16…it really was sad… Lest we forget.

  3. You had me with the title, and I’ve still to let go. Simple language delivers a potent and compelling write. Bravo, dear poet! Really enjoyed your write, hoping to continue the conversation ~N

  4. Powerful words provoking powerful emotions and images.

    Your poem speaks well of the folly of the glory of war. We would all do well to remember.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. As President of Unit 791 of the American Legion Auxiliary I will be distributing poppies in memory of such soldiers this month. (The donations we collect are used to help our local veterans.) I’m also the mother of a soldier. For both of these reasons, and because you’ve written this so well, it touched me deeply.

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