Street Chat


Street Chat


Plovers gossiping

in the middle of the street

missing only a smoke

tipping off the end of their beak.

Checking out the neighbours

stridently enforcing their importance

in plover speak…

“Did you know….”

“No…no…I never…”

“Well let me tell you…”

Casually they look

as I drive toward them

indignantly they move


giving me the stare as I pass.

“Did you know…”

as I slip into my driveway

and the plovers

stride off down the street

as only these haughty birds can.


Thankyou for the award! 🙂

Heat on sodden ground

Mother Nature busily

Making paddy cakes

Promising Poets Cafe

I nominate Emily Jane


14 thoughts on “Street Chat

  1. P-cat, you are on your game, girl. this was really good. This “missing only a smoke tipping off the end of their beak” was brilliant. Didn’t know they were such gossips. Vb

  2. i am going to have to look up what a plover is…but they seem to be the town gossips…and if so be off with them….smiles. nice one shot

  3. They certainly make a lot of noise around here at times. But…yes I thought they had a bit of cheek about them the other day as I came home. It did look a bit like street patrol.

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