Osprey Of the Bay

Osprey of the Bay

Powerful raptor of the sky

surveying the seas

a king eyeing his territory

brave feather minions

small in stature

only serve to amuse

 with their endeavours to intimidate

as he glides


out toward the deeper waters of the bay


 he plunges

 feet first

talons at the ready


18 thoughts on “Osprey Of the Bay

  1. Good descriptive poetry, there is a fascinating character in some predators that the raptors epitomise, unforgiving, relentless and efficient. Thank you

  2. Great job describing a magnificent creature. We have several breeding pairs here who nest at the top of the light stanchions at the university athletic fields…there’s a lake filled with fish about a quarter of a mile away…works out great for the osprey and their chicks…not so much for the fish. Vb

  3. Great photo – and a brilliant poem to match. And I’m terribly sorry to put a dampener on it – but it appears to be an immature White-bellied Sea-eagle. The tail looked wrong and sent me scurrying for my Bird Field Guide. So what? Don’t change anything. It’s a great poem and an equally great photo. Well done – you’ve inspired me to publish more poetry on my blogs. Thanks.

    • Well it’s nice to know what it is…only a newbie at bird watching. I am glad you feel inspired to write more poetry that is always a good thing. Thanks for helping out… 🙂

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