Ship In A Bottle

The noise from the street
raw distant and alien
a soundtrack
that no longer wants my beat
its tune
the window
frames what is left
through it I watch ships
sail past
like them I am sailing
a ship in a bottle
with nowhere to go
but the mantle
there the essence of me
will wait
to be brought down
from time to time
as is required
to dust

8 thoughts on “Ship In A Bottle

  1. I like this! Very deep. It’s early, so I’m still letting it sink in, but the sense of being stranded in time, not knowing where to go, feeling trapped, are what I see. Very nice poem!

    • thankyou for your comments Charles and Randall. I really liked your thoughts on my poem and there are elements of all of what you said behind this one. Thankyou again for your thoughtful considerations 🙂

  2. I like ship metaphor. Ships are usually free, sailing around, but this one is stuck. That image creates a lot of tension. I’m still trying to figure out being taken down for dusting. It seems like that’s either a momentary hope or release, or maybe it’s something about obligation and duty. Maybe it’s both.

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