A Present of Kerouac.


For my birthday, my best friend sent me postcards of Kerouac. Lovingly put together photos and pieces. The pastel blue chequered background paper went so well with his chequered shirt, in black and white photo. He was a beautiful man to look at, with strong dark features, he looks like the guy every other guy wants to be.

Yeah! Way cool!

Yeah, even my husband, who has no idea about poetry wanted to know who the guy was, the guy whose picture I’d stuck up above my computer. Yeah, the guy, who looked so cool, the guy who was dark, handsome and a poet. Yeah, a way cool guy who went further than most, but perhaps not as far as some…but yeah, he left behind him words, etched in his footprints, beautifully chequered pieces we can still put together.

Yeah, way cool!


3 thoughts on “A Present of Kerouac.

  1. Oh god I love Jack!! I can just see the photo in my mind as you describe it.
    Wait… that’s probably because I put it together!! For you!!!
    Glad you love him too!!!

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