Jewel in the Water

A living jewel ever present

illuminating the morning with turquoise and blue

black lines like ink outlines trace the patterns

of your small eye shaped body

right down to the tip of your tail

you flutter, suspended in water

like the unborn in the womb

a haiku in motion

who flares up for conversation

you make your presence known

an apparition, who wafts by, touching

with ethereal fingers

that say, “oi”

you like my cat

she interests you

as does dishwashing

you’re a peculiar little beast

who tugs at my heart

I named you Kerouac

because I’m bonkers

but it suits…don’t ask me why

I gave you a larger home,

to make me more comfortable

I wonder at my decision to bring you home

when every instinct says…no

like birds in cages… I distress at the bars

that bind you to human kind

it’s not right…

but then, I think, what’s done is done

how does one undo a wrong

so each morning I will greet you

and I will delight in your dance

and hope you forgive me

for my selfishness.



For open link night at dversepoets week 12


10 thoughts on “Jewel in the Water

  1. ha i like the name..just finished on the road…i have a heart for animals as well..have to keep myself in check or we would have a zoo…and sometimes mistakes become blessings you know….

  2. “you flutter, suspended in water
    like the unborn in the womb
    a haiku in motion”

    This phrase is magical, as is the rest of this flowing poem. You need not forgiveness but praise. I always have a Betta, and they live for years. I like to think that I have rescued an already captive fish from the hands of a four year old who will overfeed him and let him die in dirty water.


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