The Promise of Rain


On a darker day, where the bush loomed

above me

naked riders practiced the passage

horse’s elegantly dancing

in the clearing

smiling with the knowledge, I’d missed this dream


they emerged as I walked by

as did you dancing before me, Puck

from whence did you come, mischievous

yet somewhat enchanting pest

laying flowers before my feet


finding me alone

walking with only the promise of rain

what trail would you have me follow


please blow your magic dust

let me wake filled with passions

you’ve conjured, in which I am to delight

no longer to crawl on carpets

underlined with sand,

the fear of drowning, replaced

with the thrill of drowning


Shall I walk with more, than the promise of rain.



For Dverse poets meeting the bar critique and craft


18 thoughts on “The Promise of Rain

  1. wow really a moving piece…nice storytelling as well…rain will come soon enough…but do you really need to wait for it to dance yourself? the please blow your magic dust stanza carries the emotional line for me…

  2. Excellent piece. Absolutely love your final stanza. Stylistically and tonally this piece is really good. Nice use of the prompt also. Thanks for the read

  3. ah the longing for rain..the wanting to break free…to dive into what usually frightens us a bit and not standing at the side of the waterfall with all our concerns…nicely woven…but don’t wait for the magic dust…just blow some yourself..for yourself and the people around you…smiles

  4. I was aiming for that conflation Emmett, I was hoping I at least hinted at the prompt. I promise all I will not wait for the magic dust… and I will dance for myself and I thank you all for your lovely comments. 🙂

  5. I’m new at conflation, but I think these lines must nail it:

    “the fear of drowning, replaced
    with the thrill of drowning”

    I love the elegance of this piece, the richness of your images and the effortless flow. I can’t wait to read more of your work.


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