Coffee Break

On this morning filled with song I take my coffee with a visiting magpie. Perched on the branch, he announces his presence with a pleasant warble.

“Hello, Mr Magpie and how are you this fine morning?”

He cocks his head to one side, as if grateful for the acknowledgement, as he watches the entourage of furry friends who accompany me. Only the puppy seems interested, as she lays beneath him, her head too cocked to one side in wonder. She ignores the minor birds fluttering in the sand, dusting their wings. Pressing their delicate bodies into the ground, while their small heads rest on pillows they’ve created. Barely visible, they enjoy the sun.

She ignores the fig tree bird, rustling in the bushes, picking berries for breakfast while somewhere in the distance the masked lapwing calls like a soft machine gun letting off rounds. I imagine his strident march as he patrols the neighbourhood, dressed in his elegant uniform. Lorikeets as always, chatter incessantly, the gossip is everywhere. Other birds twitter, call and sing sweet melodies, as butterflies bounce delicately on the air between trees like floaters within the landscape.

 I sit writing and the cat takes in the morning sun, ignoring the puppy bouncing around her, pleading with her to play. The old dog sighs, her arthritic body wanders over for a pat, she knows this world won’t hold her much longer. We all sit, taking in the scene for just a moment longer but alas, my coffee break is over.


A piece of my morning for you! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Coffee Break

  1. Ah, P-cat, what a lovely image you paint. Thanks for reminding me about the simple beauty of existence….”she knows this world won’t hold her much longer”…good gosh that is gorgeously put. Vb

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