Night Swimming

Night festered with a heat

The mirage of summer and walls -a shimmering prison

Music swam out into the street

Night swimming…yes night swimming…

An echo in which I was yet to dive


You my lovely girl, still so conservative

Drove me to the water

Over the rocky foreshore, step by step

Taking each layer away until naked

I stepped into the water

A dark pool singing of faint tranquillity glistening beneath the stars

And there floating, staring at the night sky

No fear of sharks… I felt the world


While you, so worried the world would take me

Called for me to come back in… you knew my craziness

how at times it flooded responsibility

I emerged, the shell of domesticity falling away

And we drove into the black roads of suburbia

Where the trees lived looming like shadow pillars in the night

Windows down, music blaring, singing, waking birds from their sleep…


The morning sun shone on the domestic shell, still intact

Bacon and eggs sizzling in the kitchen where you sat down at the table…

“Mum, last night was so much fun.”

Smiling, I served breakfast…



For dverse poets – poetics- wild


8 thoughts on “Night Swimming

  1. haha a little wild is a little fun…and great that you shared that moment as well…it certainly adds to the bonds…i remember night swimming naked…my first time was at 15…and it was def not with family…though we were camping on a family vacation…

  2. this –

    “there floating, staring at the night sky

    No fear of sharks… I felt the world”


    “the black roads of suburbia” –

    yes 😉 nice

    glad you got a good breakfast too 😉

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