When Rivers Run Dry



What do you say to your child when they ask…

Will we all die because of climate change?

When all the ice bergs melt… will we drown?

What do you say?

What do you say when he asks…

Is anyone going to fix this planet?

He’s ten and he gets it…

No one wants to know

Banks need bail outs

The car industry must be helped

India needs our uranium… why?

To build more unstable power plants

Quivering on a shore waiting for the next catastrophe

Gay marriage is on the agenda…why is that one so damn hard?

Say I do… and be done with it

There are diseases on the way with the next heatwave

While mining companies explore for coal seam gas

On a mining site the size of only half a basket ball court

That’s it… half a basketball court…not much really

And that’s the only fact they’re willing to share

As cattle graze peacefully around the pipes

How’s the serenity? How low impact…above ground anyway

The facts are unknown about the artesian water base

No one seems to know or care because….


Economy booming…future food source…ah…uncertain

Short term gains with long term question marks hanging

From environmental impact statements yet to be completed

Or started, but we’ll explore anyway

We’ll start building ports near environmentally sensitive areas

Makes sense…you know

Rusted hulled ships hovering over reefs just a rip away from spilling their guts

Rip up some mangroves… one of the neglected saviours of this planet

If one looked deeply…only not too deep…there just might be an answer

WE don’t want to hear

Minerals need exporting, unexplained marine deaths in harbours

Need no government enquiry

While everyone sits…scared of taking a side

In case the feathered nest gets uncomfortable

Human turtles encased in golden shells stick their necks out for no one

Reaping the rewards that they can’t take with them when they leave

Soon enough…without a care for even their own children or grand children

While the mighty Murray calls out for its water to flow freely

Farmers squabble…why?

If it dies so do their livelihoods

There’s a word…diversify…humans can…businesses do…

 Rivers can’t

They just run dry



My son asked me these questions yesterday, and I wondered just how to answer them and ended up writing this poem. For dversepoets open mic


4 thoughts on “When Rivers Run Dry

  1. whew…yeah we have a big job ahead of us and i fear for how we will leave this world to the next generation…i hope they have some better ideas because ours are not working and it only gets worse…

  2. Thought provoking and important . I wonder at times what are we leaving for the next generation … I wonder about all these important issues. Nice write.

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