The Girl In the Yellow Dress

The girl in the yellow dress threw her knickers over the cubicle

causing laughter from within

“They’re off!” she cried with the excitement of a race just beginning

champagne bubbles had now popped

sprinkling their desire upon all

the flowers in her hair,

 a fragile bouquet ready to topple

as she giggled

petals waiting to be unfurled by the delicate caress

of someone, who might get caught in the passionate fog

that encircled her

she leaned back on the tiled wall

one stray blond curl falling


from previous restrictions

bounced softly over her shoulder

her blue eyes shone with shy seduction

that no doubt, some stranger would find alluring

she left the ladies room, with her friend, still giggling

she turned back, gave me a shy smile

I smiled back

while two pieces of silk and lace lay discarded on the floor

of a cubicle cell

indicating to all – prisoners had escaped.



For dversepoets open mic


6 thoughts on “The Girl In the Yellow Dress

  1. ha. sounds like a few office parties i have been to…and hopefully when she wakes up tomorrow and rolls over its not too much of a shock who greets her…smiles.

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