The Crust

Sleeping hurts

when all the injuries are left on the window sill to cool

balancing against the heatwave

understanding the trickery used


criss-crossing pastry

 unsweetened kisses and hugs… hit the air

sinking in the middle

a well of years


and the window slides down

leaving just a crust


For dverse poets meeting the bar….writing emotion


11 thoughts on “The Crust

  1. “understanding the trickery used”

    I have spent my fair share of time with a physio treating injuries and they have that trickery and know how to use it 😉

    Thought provoking piece. Does it matter that it speaks to me in a way you probably didn’t intend it too? I hope not.

  2. Picturing that the narrator of this poem was hurt in some way. I can understrand sleeping hurting. Sometimes it is darned near impossible. Injuries on the window to cool…I like it. And pray that they do.

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