Secret Garden


Secret Garden


I want to climb through the hole in the brick wall

and lose myself in the secret garden beyond

sleep under the pine tree

frolic in the flowers

dance with the butterflies

sing with the birds

discuss philosophy with the garden gnome

twirl like a ballerina

blow dandelions to the breeze

steal a moment or two of a fairytale

never to grow too old  that I can’t be bothered climbing

through that hole in the wall


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13 thoughts on “Secret Garden

  1. Excellent job. I love seeing the world through our pets. It’s a great job in that, but also the philosophical metaphors are strong here. Thanks

  2. My gnomes are always ready for a discussion about anything. Feel free to visit anytime for a chat!!! The Gnome Garden is waiting.
    The hole in the fence has gone alas…….. no more visits from next doors chooks!
    AND no dreaming of other lives as lived through the gap….
    Oh yeah….. loved the poem by the way.

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