Watching Rain Fall on Moreton Island



Lazing in turquoise waters

Waves gently rocking me

Calik, calik, calik as the water quietly tinkles

Rising up and over my ears

I stare up at the blue skies of summer

The fresh scent of rain delicate on the breeze

White sails of a yacht on the horizon

Stark against rain clouds that slide across the blue

Billowing out above Moreton Island

White cotton tops

With bruised flat bottoms

Showering rain on the shores of the distant island

I duck under waves in full sunshine

And rise… swishing through the water

To bob up down, arms out-stretched

Watching rain fall on Moreton


For dverse Poetics


14 thoughts on “Watching Rain Fall on Moreton Island

  1. dang i want to be there…smiles…sounds like a lovely time on the beach…love going out at night too…so peaceful….great capture of a sigh inducing moment…smiles…

    ps…going to fix your link, was not working…

  2. reading this right the german gray and rainy winter – i so want to be there…beautiful capture and surely stirred my longing for the beach, the water and more…smiles

  3. This piece is so well done that it transports me there. Love the contrast…you in the sun watching the distant rain. Have been to Brisbane, sorry to have missed this gem. Speaking of gems….this piece is one. Vb

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