I Love Australia

I love Australia

Plastered across his chest

The way you wear it…I could too

Still… as much as I love the country

I can’t keep the sun off with it

Or flip flop it…

Sit on it

Or let the sauce from my pie drip down the front of it

I don’t want it waving on the driver’s side window

To be left by some roadside…my immortal plastic patriotism

Discarded…waiting for some future archaeological dig

to unearth it at a later date

It’s too much mass produced…Made in China… love for just one day

Just one country

In which so many others reside

Nah…I won’t fly the flag in my front yard

I’ll quietly sit and think how lucky I am

That this is my home

And weep for those who brave the waters

Who risk it all aboard rickety boats

Those who died for just a slim chance

A faint glimmer of hope

To call this country home


8 thoughts on “I Love Australia

  1. australia is on my must see places list…def making that one, one day…

    i like the attitude tempered a bit…but with gratitude…for those that shaped the country….

  2. How lovely. I’ve never done a patriotic poem. Perhaps I’ll put one together for our big national holiday. I’m enjoying my visits here and appreciate yours to my site.

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