A Fig Tree Never Forgets


Spirits claw at the insides of my bark

like termites turning my flesh to dust

burrowing deeper into the darkness

that surrounds my soul


I stretch my huge gnarled branches, these fused arthritic limbs

knotted by the harsh hands of fate

forever stalwart – I search for the light and warmth

of the suns embrace – it has cradled me thus far

growing through bad memories that surround me – heard in the ethereal wind

pleas of innocence still howl – centuries on


I grow stronger in dirt

moistened with the tears of many

after death hung from my branches


I delivered ghosts

conceived in the womb of fear, ignorance and hatred

into history and still they wander


you cast this shadow of tragedy upon me

hiding your burden in the overgrown bush

it is not me who is haunted…  

I preserve the heart you fail to acknowledge and I will hold them forever

for you to feel them when you walk past

in the hope you will hear them…maybe for the first time.

For dversepoets poetics – undercurrents


9 thoughts on “A Fig Tree Never Forgets

  1. great work of giving the fig tree a personality and let it speak as a substitute for this inner being that would be too abstract to understand without an image we can touch and feel

  2. Very dark undercurrents–I kept thinking of lynchings, and worse–how we pevert nature to our uses. Poor tree! (Poor us.) Wonderful poem. K.

  3. wow evocative…the death hanging from the tree nourished by the tears…def picked up on the lynchings…being a lover of nature the view from their side feels harsh in the moment…of course this also carries some pretty heavy spiritual connotations as well, intentionally or other wise…

  4. I’m a real sucker for trees straight and glorious or trees and their abuse. This has elements of both, as I has abstract and concrete elements firmly bedded in each other. Nicely done indeed.

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