Icy airstream articulates salubrious accords

as it slices beneath a canopy of eons

ancestry percolates downward into the mire

transversely spreading…tendrils seeking, sucking, plucking

the scandal from our soles

crawling over our shores in defiance of the crane

eagerly waiting to rip out its heart and liver

expelling carbon dioxide from the bowels

a million years stored

now howling … poison on the airstream

swirling disquietly in circles… around pylons of this age


For dverse poets…Meeting the bar : A martian sharpens his knife.


22 thoughts on “A-Weakening

  1. whew…very nice write…the line on ancestry just rips…and like the come back a but in the pylons of this age…eons as well…a cold winds cuts deep and there seems to be a lot of history behind it…nice…

  2. This is very scary… great job with the martian poetry (although I’m still unsure of it myself). Love this:

    transversely spreading…tendrils seeking, sucking, plucking
    the scandal from our soles

      • Thanks! If you liked this article, look out for my article “Free Verse, Picasso and Yachting”… It’s on OneStopPoetry but if that website’s down will likely get reprinted somewhere. thanks for joining the Martian party!

  3. Thems fightin’ words in Texas – oil got us here and oil, by gum, will keep us goin’ – ha!
    I agree exactly what Sam said. And it’s worse. As I write these words on this here ‘puter, there’s a drill a mile under my house trying to fracture out a bit of natural gas and they’re going to pay me a buck ninety-nine for it which will do no good when the whole of Dallas-FortWorth falls in the hole after the artificial earthquake pulls us all down. Great poem.

  4. “plucking Scandal from our soles” Whoa!
    The whole incantation is grand, but I love that phrase, and wouldn’t it be the best alt-bluegrass band ever!

  5. wow… way to paint a picture and leave the writer wondering what the heck is causing so much pain… I have my guesses… or maybe I’m blond and missed it if you said so… but none-the-less… this was gripping, deep and amazing poetry!


  6. There are a lot of disconcerting images through this, but I really like the “…tendrils seeking, sucking, plucking/the scandal from our soles”

    Thanks for the visit. 🙂

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