Boxer of Quirinal










A sculptor’s hand etches out the pain

that echoes in his face

chiselling tortures into the clay

cradling the sadness

in eyes that have not yet known defeat

but know the peril that awaits in the face of each new contender

the strength in each sinew

emerging in the clay beneath the sculptor’s fingers

reveals souls in the scars of battle

the last score a man made in this life

engraved on his exhausted body

he wears their fear, their fight for survival into the ages

cast in bronze

For dversepoets – Poetics  Sculpting a poem


14 thoughts on “Boxer of Quirinal

  1. i find the sculpture fascinating…enlarged it to have a closer look..what strength in his body and yet the battle and questions in his eyes…really like how you captured him…very nicely done..

    • Yes this is a fascinating sculpture… when I read the prompt, I could only think of this piece… some years ago I had to write about it for a course and the strength of emotion, the story it evoked and detail just lingered.

  2. Nice details, I like how you showed how emotions and feelings are transferred into the sculpture as it is worked — no wonder some of them seem to be like living turned into stone. Beautifully written.

  3. the last score engraved on the mans body…and he wears their plight on…a tribute, to one willing to fight on…unknowing of defeat puts him a little out there makes me think he is heading toward disappointment…

  4. This is a verybthoughtful, penetrating reflection on the boxer, a metaphor itself for the struggles we all face in life. Very stoic in thought and overall feel. These ancient boxers fought for real, using leather gloves filled with lead. There are numerous stories of men dying after a beating in these matches. Interesting to note that Plato the philosopher was a boxer, as was the Apostle Paul.

  5. I love these lines:
    “the last score a man made in this life
    engraved on his exhausted body”
    In fact I think you may have sparked a line I might try and fit in my next poem x

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