Rain clouds cover the night

Like a dense tablecloth- stretched and smoothed

Beneath – all is hauntingly still

A cricket is chirping and I realise

I’ve never really listened

To his sing-song chirp, so crisp

A delicate continuous whirr through the loud voices

As a domestic stabs the air

For just a moment,

The words quickly dissolve into the landscape

The cricket continues to chirp…

The crickets enough for me, it’s comforting, just as comforting

As knowing others raise their voices…saying things…in that

Crazy God I hate you voice, shrill…emotional

Unleashing the evil spirit within…

Go ahead yell…I’m listening to the cricket and I’ll bet he deserves it anyhow

Your secrets are safe with me

I don’t do eyelashes over coffee cups

Finger in every pie of he said and she said and the did you know brigade…

I won’t tell the neighbourhood…

The cricket is far more interesting

Besides I’m eavesdropping on another dilemma

“She doesn’t listen to me,” he says

A shoulders slumped silhouette under the lamplight

“What can I do?”

“I don’t know” the answer softly spoken

But I’m really listening to the cricket

Usually it’s just another noise of the night

Like the cane toads shuffling in the undergrowth

Sneaking about like introduced serial killers

Menacing with their poison

The reason my pets remain indoors at night

Except the old dog

Cane toads being her drug of choice

16 years on this planet, who am I to deny her the high?

Still I can’t bear to kill the ugly creatures

Even though I should

The humane way is to hands on

I’m no Dexter…

A child calls out from somewhere down the street

She’s not happy about something

The cricket’s happy

Soon rain will patter

And tears under the lamplight will flow

“If only she’d listen, everything would be okay.”

“I know…I know.”

Maybe like the cricket chirping for years in the dense of night

She’s considered…just another noise

And then the first time he listens

He doesn’t like the song…

I can’t believe how still this night is…

Chirp… chirp… chirp…


For dversepoets translucent poetics


13 thoughts on “Chirp

  1. This is just lovely! It’s interesting how you stick to simple language here and a familiar image/sound, and yet manage to convey a complexity for the narrator. I can really hear this. Thanks for sharing!

  2.’ve packed quite a lot into this cricket’s song…love how you seamlessly go from one to the next point..the cricket’s song holding it together…very much enjoyed di

  3. I love the way you interjected the crickets into the poem and used them to show something about the workings and wanderings of the mind! And, I think it is true that sometimes background noise becomes foreground.

  4. smiles….really well blended…i love the sounds of crickets and the listening to them but the convo as well…and the ‘she needs to listen’ but she def hears everything which makes for a very fine juxtaposition….well done….

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