We’re Just Minors

I’ve entered the elevator to hell
I’m sure of it… if we were supposed to be underground
we’d all have bunny ears … wouldn’t we?
men smile… they’re laughing inside
at my sheer terror…as we speed pass the inner flesh
of the earth

I see it through the cracks of this obviously, well made elevator
but I will not cry… I will step into the humid pit
and walk elegantly with these bricks on my feet
there is a certain sophistication in wearing yellow overalls
a helmet, finished off with a sparkling headlight
and as the elevator comes to a jarring halt
and the doors fly open…

I step out in wonder… at the ingenuity of the human virus
our ability to attack and bore into the rock
With such precision
and bleed the precious veins of the earth
the working organisms of human existence
driving, drilling, fixing, excavating
the earths inner defences weaken against these machines
we do so love our blind confidence
that we are in control
but like all things living
they bite back
and the earth rumbles a tune
one day we will be forced to hear.


11 thoughts on “We’re Just Minors

  1. oh heck…this is like the time i went down in a mine in harlan kentucky…scary stuff to have that much rock over you…yeah i was afraid of that bite back…maybe my confidence in our control is not too high…

  2. and the earth rumbles a tune…i like where you went with this…we always think we got everything under control..but it’s such an illusion..i have so much respect who work in these mines underground or build subway tubes..i couldn’t do it..

    • Yes, Claudia, I too have respect for those workers…My husband works in constructing tunnels, and another close friend had a near miss recently at the face of a mine, and I’ve known some who have passed away just doing their job underground.

  3. This is a dire warning, sharp and filled with much dread at how humans interact with nature. The poem is strong in its depiction of the workings of human (viral) activities. I don’t exactly share this ferling, but I do understand it since there’s much to repulse people about the people activities places on the subway.

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