Baby’s Day Out





Photo of baby dolphin and mother I took yesterday in the Pumicestone Passage Bribie Island. It was a beautiful afternoon.

Weaving gently through the crystal water
A mother dolphin and her young daughter
With loving care she teaches her to swim
She nudges baby forward nose under fin
Navigating boats with father close by
While hovering above the seagulls fly
The humid day is silvery grey
Glasshouse mountains dark shadows on the day
Loom in the distance beneath storm filled clouds
The dolphin family stay clear of the crowds
A privilege to watch such intimacy
Shown by beautiful creatures of the sea
On a quiet afternoon my heart sings
Immersed in the beauty of simple things


For dversepoets form for all Clarion Sonnets


10 thoughts on “Baby’s Day Out

  1. You were able to take that picture? Wow, what an amazing thing! As you said, so much beauty in the simple things… and what a wonderful way to celebrate that experience, with that picture, and with that poem. Thanks for sharing this, such a moment to treasure.

  2. oh wow..what a privilege indeed…it must have been wonderful to watch them…thanks for capturing and sharing that beautiful moment with us

  3. Really carries thru on the prompt, delivering very nice naturalism and great rhymes. Yo’ve pulled it all together while putting yourself into the scene with realism and passion.

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