Machine of Change


One gluttonous mouthful after another
 crevices opening, craters forming after every bite
 an eating competition
devour… transform into gas,
that oozes from every man made orifice

inhaling black snow as it falls
delicate dust as soft as a feather
coats the landscape of orange
crystal streams snap, crackle and pop
with the mud of millions
our core of stability shaken with cavities drilled
left unfilled to rot
a painful decay gently begins to throb
the visible wound of the machine
a postcard in space

we harvest dollars and evict koalas
all for the joy of a suburban terracotta landscape
a mowed lawn, a recycle bin and health insurance

Others sit higher
discussing economics in a tropical landscape
jostling for the god complex, awaiting vacant seats
to sit in the driver’s seat of the machine of commerce
there’s a boom and the world wants their piece of this cake

grab it now
for soon there will only be crumbs left
as your jobs disappear to the lowest bidder
 as the false security of the machine
is realised

we’ll write a haiku
images lost in coal dust
of a world long gone
of a new vision
a paradigm of balance
the machine of change


11 thoughts on “Machine of Change

  1. we harvest dollars and evict koalas…ugh sad but true in how we rape the landscape and build houses in areas we dont even need them with so many vacant…and the economy…it is nice to see some of the scum being chases down for manipulating hte markets and we see what is happening now as well…

  2. Wow. I almost gave up after that first stanza. I just had a HIDA scan done on my gall bladder and that was a bit too too for me. 😉 Still, it set such a strong tone; grabs one by the throat, right? I love the ending (predictably) of trying to write a haiku in such a world.

  3. wow, this is really great and hits at that economic aspect of technology that I hinted at in the prompt write-up. This is very hard-hitting and it really pulls together the negative aspects of the technological boom that we take so much for granted. But as your poem shows, the injustices that it embodies really destroy lives rather than bringing the benefits that it promises. Great poem.

    • Thankyou Chazinator for your comment. I heard an interview with the author of Rich Land WasteLand, How Coal is Killing Australia yesterday on the radio and it was all I could think about when I read your prompt. It’s terrible what is happening to our country with respects to this mining boom. It’s all about the money, the greed and the uncontrolled destruction of the environment. There is a need for jobs but there has to be a balance, and greater controls on these companies to do it in a more environmentally friendly way. This Coal seam Gas exploration is a real worry for the future of our world and what will be left for our children. There is a change coming I think…for more eco friendly ways of gaining our future energy needs and I think certain sections of the community are resistant because the quick easy fix for greater profits is coal. I hope we get some representatives in government who have a better vision for this country and the world. Anyway I’ll get off my soapbox for now! Thankyou for the prompt that allowed me to express my feelings to this injustice! 🙂

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