The War At Captain’s Cove

Over at dverse there is a delightful prompt today Sendak and The Wild Things…how could anyone resist this chance to go back into their childhood and such a wonderful way to remember a special author who brought such joy to millions of children with his wonderful story. I have read Where The Wild Things Are to all three of my children…two now adults…and I can remember the day in my primary school library when I saw those Wild Things staring down at me from the shelf…from that moment I’ve carried that story and those Wild Things with me…as I am sure so many others have… We even got together for a family excursion to watch the recent movie…such a story that forms even family memories. I loved it so much I gave myself a present a few years ago and painted myself a picture of the wild rumpus which hangs in my lounge room.  Tears were shed in my house this week but I do thank Maurice Sendak for giving the world such a precious gift as his wonderful Wild Things… Thank you to Aaron Kent for your lovely prompt, what a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day reading wild thing poems!  🙂




 My Wild Rumpus Painting on the lounge room wall..

The War At Captain’s Cove

Captain’s Cove was an eaten out shell of gray clay
That towered above us
On the banks of the Campaspe River…  we had spied our boat
A rotting wooden row boat, floating in wait on the edge of the river
“Ahoy, let’s grab this boat and sail this mighty river… go in search of
“Aye, Aye,” was the collective cry, as we untied the boat from its moorings
an exposed root of a gigantic old gum tree leaning like darkness over the river.
Someone was watching us…
“And where would ye be takin me ship?” was the cry we heard from the top
Of Captain’s Cove cliff…
We turned to spy a boy…not much older than us… “it be my boat…there be no stealing my boat”
“You be mistaken …this be ours and we are on a mission…to sail the far off lands for treasure, be gone and leave us be.”
With that he threw a rock… we dived for cover behind the old gum
We dug our hands into the Campaspe mud, grabbing big clumps, muddy missiles we threw
And so began the…
“Mud Fight!”
Three of us…throwing, threatening, non- existent armies were on the march to help, imaginary big brothers and sisters, would bash us all up and so the war raged…until lunchtime…
before we departed…covered in mud…none of us willing to concede defeat…we planned the re-match for the following day…and so the war continued… and to this day the great Captain’s Cove War ended without result… and is cast into a treasure chest of muddy childhood memories.


I had to paint the movie cover as well…just a wee bit obsessed!


10 thoughts on “The War At Captain’s Cove

  1. I, too, have always loved Maurice Sendak. This reminds me of my kids and their mud baths in the backyard one summer. I’ll have to get out the pics. They were covered in it.

  2. haha we used to have battles like that behind my grandmothers house…which was the most magical place..a creek and cliffs…so many adventures just like the ones sendak spun…and i love your picture as well!

  3. Great paintings and a wonderful story. I must confess though, I’m evidently one of the few who knows absolutely nothing about Sendak, his art, or his book. (Don’t hate me!)

  4. smiles…oh i remember many battles like this that ended, soaked in mud and with the parents calling us in for lunch and dinner… thanks for the trip back to childhood..

  5. I remember the rock and mud fights, indeed! What a lovely reminder of those days I spend being wild and rumpusing about. Your pictures are very cool as well.

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