It is the painting of words on a canvas
not spelled out
just quietly alluded to…with a dab, long stroke or soft glaze
creating a pastel humid sky
filled with the colour of a pledge of rain

or cutting out of shapes
to fit the puzzle of nature… in silhouette the water ripples
across the whiteness of paper
a lonely illusion of a pristine wilderness
handmade and preserved
like a dream we once had

an old woman shaking the dust
from a well worn rug that’s seen a lifetime of foot traffic
pound the foundations of a world long ago
she is bent and crooked
a living artefact of resilience
a peg holding the facade of yesteryear
from crumbling under the roots of a pot plant
escaping toward the sun of a new day

For dverse poetics


10 thoughts on “Unearthed

  1. very cool capture of the artistic process here…esp. loved the part with the old woman..somehow speaks to me of the process of breaking free into the artist’s calling, maybe after years of submitting to the taste of others..awesome…liked it much..

  2. How very clever. Love the word choices and the way you weave the concept through the lines. Actually, more like playing from sheet music. The poem I can relate to most this week.

  3. ooo this is really goo…particularly the third stanza for me…the old woman with the rug is so real and alive for me….great image…nicely built, each stanza a fresh perspective…

  4. Beautifully crafted poem. I enjoyed especially visualizing the woman in the last stanza shaking her well-worn rug! You made her come alive!

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