One Hell of a Ride

We are all one amongst the mass of others
                                               ants slowly winding through the queue
quietly reserved
                                      amazing how well we can behave
when focussed on a common goal                       no matter how trivial

a carriage waits  to propel us into the darkness
                                                                                              locked in and helpless
we cannot stop the ride                 once we agree to the terms









                             backwards into the abyss
with the wicked witch laughing behind us
                                                                          she knows what’s next
and disappears through the twists and turns

holding you in I know your fear
                                                           only my fear has eloped with the sadness
on the high speed     d

                                                                                  I’m laughing
cheering the loss of thought
                                                       catch my breath on the tight corners and smile
forty seconds in which you fear you will die                               I resurrect

craving once more to sit on the precipice

screaming through the question mark
twisting it around to create
another answer


14 thoughts on “One Hell of a Ride

  1. Fun ride… love the visual effects. My first roller coaster, my dad had me sit in the front car with him. Crazy!

  2. oh yeah…once you are on and start that slow climb there is no getting off…lol….i have heard wuite a few that were begging on that ascent…love the concrete parts…laughing to calm the nerves in the corner…and breathing now…haha…so fun…

  3. felt I was on that ride for sure with this – loved how you laid this out – I rolled and fell – and held tightly onto my breath – right out there on the precipice – Phew!! – but really thanks for the ride – hugs Lib

  4. Very vivid little ride–glad I didn’t have a stomach full of Fair food for that last descent, it was so real. Enjoyed it much.

  5. screaming through the question mark
    twisting it around to create
    another answer
    me…. awesome…one hell of a ride indeed…love what you did with the font…and if we only knew what comes around the next corner…

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