The Value of Silence

Quietly sipping his beer
he knows the value of silence
a listener of talk
he evaluates secrets
carelessly aired at the bar

many wondered about the loner
who like a ghost
the next day

a man and his dog
made tracks through the bush
explorers of unknown terrain
his shrewd eyes on the look out
for the stories that emerged in the rock

by the creek he made camp
a creature of habit
he took out his pick
filled his dish with dirt
and swirled it in the creek water
as particles separated
tailings of gold appeared

his heart pumped
quickly he doused the flames
of the campfire

and once more became the ghost
who knows
the value of silence

for dverse poets – Workin for it


11 thoughts on “The Value of Silence

  1. oh wow…great piece…you have captured a bit of life on the edge…whata character he is…i would not mind sitting down with him…i bet he could spin a yarn or two if he wasnt so silent…this is def a magical write…

  2. oh how you capture him…very mysterious and very charming..those lonesome wanderers may not talk much but hear and see a lot….

  3. Love the characterisation in this….the thing that really appeals to me is that these people exist…and the mystery you have created in this great poem just brings this person to life….it makes me think about what THEY think in all their silence…and then where they disappear too- like ghosts…..this poem is almost supernatural – the silhouette of the gold panner coming to life so mysteriously…

  4. A bit of mystery here, sown amid the tales of jobs and labor. That’s a great job they say, panning for gold. Tough work too, panning and pinning your hopes on a dream day after day. You weave an intriguing story, for sure! 🙂

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