Ghost Man


He is not of the land
does not fit
not he…silent wanderer – alien invader
ghost man with his dog
they wander the land
like evil spirit…the ghost man
take what they want and leave nothing

The ghost man came in boats from the sea
take land and never give it back
the ghost man lie, cheat and kill
and multiply…
 so many ghosts walk this land… now

They come in boats
ghost man won’t give them anything
they come here and take… don’t wait in line
might multiply…
they’re not good; says the ghost man, turn back the boats
no one will come here and take from our country
the country ghost man took away
when he came on the boats
so many years ago
he knows more than anyone
ghost man


For dverse poets meeting the bar…Where in the world!


6 thoughts on “Ghost Man

  1. This is all so true isn’t it. Of any white man discovering a foreign land/world and ‘claiming’ it from it’s native inhabitants.
    Excellent imagery, sad in its truth.

  2. I love the way this makes the anglos into the aliens that they once were. Ghost man is probably an apt term for them, given the lack of oneness to the environment and the way, as you say, they deplete the land of its original inhabitants, killing and maiming in hatred and disgust. In creating the world of the native speaker, you draw us into the thinking that sees the world differently than we are brought up to think. Thinking in this way helps expand awareness and seeing the world in a new and unique way, often the fruits of being able to see thru the eyes of “aliens.”

  3. wow….love the perspective…scary to think of our roots and what this country is really founded upon, esp when you look forward to where we are now as well….ghost man, lacking color, how alien that must have been to them and to understand the taking….

  4. this is a great write.. and fits for so many countries where these ghostmen took the land and changed the culture and thought they knew everything better

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