Motorbikes and Perspectives


On the ground screaming

the exhaust pipe burning into the side of my foot

that wheel of destiny buckled


Sixteen and I thought you were it…

blonde…movie star looks… I held on to you so tight

but the foundations were less than strong


We were navigating soft ground

particles of dirt quickly separate

wheels slither and spin out of control

leaving us in clouds of dust



and yet all my choices left questions

floating in the atmosphere


 I trace the scar still present

pain numbs eventually

realising my shouldn’t haves always turn around


I’m glad I did


It’s just a tiny shift in perspective

like the scar…a life tattoo

it’s in my make-up

maybe I shouldn’t have… but

 I did.


9 thoughts on “Motorbikes and Perspectives

  1. and yet all my choices left questions
    floating in the atmosphere

    nice hinge point…and i am glad you broke it out to give it emphasis…been burned by those pipes too and its not fun…in the end, i got a few scars as well, an 18 inch one on the leg that i know i shouldnt but it makes for a great story…smiles..

  2. Ya, I think whatever we ‘shouldn’t have done’ somehow usually is just fine with time. I got one of those motorcycle exhaust burns too when I was in high school. (I just looked – the scar is gone….as most scars from things I shouldn’t have done are.)Your poem served as a reminder to a long forgotten incident. I’d do it again too. I like the idea of ‘life tattoos.’ We all have them, though some are invisible to the naked eye.

  3. great story telling di..think many of us carry some of those life tattooes…and and they remind us that life is about pain and bruises as well as love and deep joy..

  4. This has the vivid feel of lessons learned. I like the idea of the gestalt that you use. That is so true about life, it seems to me. Something that at one time appears like one thing at another time becomes meaningful in a different way. This is wise poem and it conveys a true sense of how choices often only become apparent after the fact. I enjoyed this immensely.

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