It’s All in the Dream

How tiny she looks wrapped up in her duffle coat

two sizes too big

pulling her legs up into it

keeping the cold wind locked out

sitting on the park bench

a smile tweaks gently at the corner of her mouth

delighting in the dreams of what could be

swirling around her, they’re just waiting

to be plucked from the sky and pursued

but what one…

is it Johnny who sits opposite her in math class

or the pony galloping into worlds unknown

silver mane flowing in the salty breeze

a tiny dream creator… mapping her world right now

and the beginnings of tomorrow

while the sea continues to roll in

etching time into the shores

as it always has…


He sits tiny in his coat…staving off the cold from his bones

he knows its stab that catches in his joints and lingers

looking out he searches

for something lost so many years ago…

cupped in his gnarled hands he holds what’s left

gently moving the invisible sphere only he can see

tracing the intricate pathways he imagined so long ago

 his arthritic finger pauses… quietly he sits and glances beyond the waves

sometimes with regret

dreams no longer swirl around him

he holds them like they’re the last diamond left

in which the sparkle is dimming

that even now he can’t part with…

not while his joints still feel the stab of the wind

he knows like the sea…he is etching time into his own canvas

 he puts the sphere back in his pocket

a smile tweaks gently at the corners of his thin blue lips

he’s not ready to give them up

not just yet!



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