The Howling Mangrove of Godwin Beach








The Howling Mangrove of Godwin Beach painting by Dianne Turner


Strong, he pits himself against

the wind that cannot howl

as painfully as he


Life ever festers

Roots driving into the earth

Where he himself began


He is the lodgings of birds

who sleep upon his weary limbs

while termites eat away his heart


A staunch spectre

Screaming defiantly into the dark abyss

I will not bow to you


For dversepoets form for all an attempt at  triversen


13 thoughts on “The Howling Mangrove of Godwin Beach

  1. nice…i like the defiance to bow in the end…and the personification of the tree….or tree-ification of him…life ever festers, very cool line and the stanza just after that with the termites & birds is def emotive…nice…

    ps fixed your link at dverse…

    • Thank you Charles, I do have a love for this tree, I’ve watched pieces of him, and other dying trees break off into the bay, but he’s still hanging on, that big mouth of his calling out to all… while other mangroves are growing to take his place. It’s taken me seven years to get to writing about him and three attempts at painting him to capture something I thought would be worthy of him. I am so glad you liked it…thank you!

  2. Very effective use of personification as well as all the triversen elements and you successfully managed the metaphor within. There seems to be a theme of defiance that is running through many writes today. I loved this and thought it was very successful.

  3. Here is a tree poem with a difference, allegorically and literally! Love it, especially:

    “He is the lodgings of birds
    who sleep upon his weary limbs
    while termites eat away his heart”

    Could be a teacher caring for her students despite a broken heart and winds of time (politics).

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