Pieces Left on the Shore


Sunlight dapples along the path you travelled

birds slice the skies above

waves gently work

the edges of the island

folding in your memory

returning, returning, returning

an abstract journey layer upon layer

emerging and disappearing simultaneously

Like driftwood you came and went

on a spiritual tide

your destiny unravelled upon dangerous seas

until finally…

In a bark hut alone

with only the company of wildlife

while the world around you clamoured for everything

you needed only what was in your heart

painting lines of poetry

the pieces left on the shore

for dversepoets poetics : exile   Ian Fairweather was an artist who lived on Bribie Island in a thatch hut… he is a famous Australian artist who rejected the finer things in life and lived only for his art.  http://www.artcollector.net.au/IanFairweather


12 thoughts on “Pieces Left on the Shore

  1. I do admire someone who puts the practice of his/her art above everything….and clamoring for nothing except the simplest life. I enjoyed your write.

  2. smiles….there are times i dont think i would mind being on a deserted island….just to have that kind of peace….smiles….the simple life def has its allure…and i love driftwood and the way the ocean wears at it….

  3. As writers or artists, or, any other creative activity, (I think) we all need to find our own place of peace, to be able to be free of everything and to simply, create.
    Lovely, and good for him for being brave enough to do that.

  4. Now that kind of exile I can understand–very freeing to think of doing it, but of course, it takes a lot of courage and even more dedication. Love those last two lines.

  5. Poetry does bring us thru so much, as the lives of many writers and poets express. The sense of loss in your poem makes it somehow bearable in the verses that such solitude brings to music.

  6. while the world around you clamoured for everything
    you needed only what was in your heart…think it’s great when someone is so satisfied with their art that all other things lose their worth.. reminded me a bit of gaudi who had millions and gave them away and lived on the building ground of the church he built for the last months of his life – just because this was his life..

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