The Birds Refused to Speak


“You’ll feel him there

if you go,” she said

“amongst the dark pines

he’s still there…lingering.”


I went

walked amongst the pines

my feet cushioned in the soft sand and pine needles

searching the tree-tops…in which the sun

propelled itself

like a tunnel… I softly laughed…


as the dark outline of the tree

thrust itself against the light

intricate ink lines weaving…dribbling down

soaking into the shaded sands


quietly I sat

on the benches left for us

 the birds had gone…or refused to speak

again my laugh landed in a sudden vacuum

of thick shadows

I listened…it didn’t return

only the drone of cars…one after another…after another

parading progress through paradise

strangling silence


I guess you’re long gone…like the birds

drifting through those gorgeous colours

on a raft alone

solitude was a long time coming


 I put the key in the ignition

a poetic melody

trills delicately from the pines

like none I’ve ever heard

a laugh perhaps…

or maybe…but



11 thoughts on “The Birds Refused to Speak

  1. ….And so Ian is long gone!!! Love the …only the drone of after another…after another , a very familiar melody!

    • Well I think so…only sat there a little while and the cars drove me nuts…he would have lasted only seconds… he’ll be on Gilligan’s Island one that can never be found!

  2. smiles….def a rather magical piece…i often go to nature to find what it is i am looking for…you set the tension well through the middle…the end is playful a bit…and brings a bit of hope as well…

  3. Oh this, I like very much. There is nothing to calm ourselves inside than being with nature. I agree, there’s a bit of mystery and magic playing through this. Sad you didn’t get to hear the sounds you want to though 🙂

  4. This is a wonderful contrast of nature and the human world that impinges on nature’s serenity. You capture each moment in its rawness, thereby including us readers into the way that the world unfolds in such reveries. I enjoyed the contrasting emotions and insights very much.

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