We park emotions

of life as it is right now

in separate spaces


need furrows our brow

staring through windscreens

at roads that already know the way

intimate tracks taking us to

the hello, how are you today faces…


Sometimes you allow a peek

but for the most part a sparkle deflects scrutiny

with “I’m fine,” but my life is shit right now, as if you cared, fake smile


then carry on back

to the baggage

left parked in vacant spaces

warmed with the sun of another day

somehow missing the beauty

of a sparkle

that warrants scrutiny.


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7 thoughts on “Sparkles

  1. i hope that life is not shit right now for you…it happens though…smiles…not the best of times for me either…and there are plenty that really dont want an answer…and several i will say fine just not to give them one…smiles….and being down def makes it harder to see that sparkle…smiles.

  2. We park emotions
    of life as it is right now
    in separate spaces… just love how you pull us into the poem with this fantastic intro…a felt write…

  3. So often we use “I’m fine” when we are not fine. Perhaps it is the easiest thing to say. Perhaps we don’t have time or energy to explain. Perhaps we don’t want the other person to know. Hopefully, each of us has a person or two that we can really tell how things are….and also hopefully we are sensitive to the “I’m fine” responses from others. Maybe sometime we should say, “Really? Are you really doing ok?” A thought-provoking poem here.

  4. It’s so true! Who, when asking “How are you?” really wants to hear the truth? When I hear “I’m fine,” I try to gauge the response. If I have time, I dive in and say, “You wanna grab a cup of coffee?” or something else. I spent years with that pasted-on smile and cheerful response, but my heart wasn’t in it.

    I think you have posted a universal truth here, my dear. We have all been on both ends of this exchange, but your setup signals definitely that all is not well. The lines that struck me: “intimate tracks taking us to/the hello, how are you today faces…” A wonderful, thoughtful, discussion-provoking poem. In other words, great. Amy My dverse ended up being:

  5. I like the baggage left parked in vacant spaces! To be picked up later?? To take home now? To leave behind for someone else??

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