Just Visiting

In the quiet spaces

where the dead sleep

the birds whisper

over stones of marble

his small hand strokes

the cold edges of a loving memory

following the rounded curves of carved stone

with his fingertips

a gentle caress for someone

his young heart misses

believing they feel each tender touch

hear the softly spoken words of love

assuring them they are not forgotten


for dverse poets The beautiful saddness


4 thoughts on “Just Visiting

  1. mmm…yep you captured the feel among the stones…tangible reminders as we trace the names…and i am glad some are not forgotten…i like to go to the city cemetary and walk…

  2. something about graveyards that are so so peaceful- and actually quite life affirming!- when you think about all the life contained within them…i really enjoyed this poem- its the delicate descriptions contrasted with the sentiments and emotions that make this so beautifully sad- true love never dies- not sure how you could get more beautifully sad than that- thank you for sharing!

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