Orange Sneakers

The connection of the here and now

blurs into abstract visions of orange sneakers

together with other crazy shoes, scattered over a bedroom floor.

Lost in the disarray of future pursuits,

intermixing with torn dirty t-shirts, hair gel,

bourbon cans and unfinished studies.

Longing to pound the floor boards or city streets

with the gusto of youth.


The energy of those fluoro sneakers grabbed me,

that’s how it is in the city,

a sudden attack of memory

when a stop sign gives you pause to think about orange sneakers

and their purpose.


Can you remember, as you stand there with your stop sign?

As if you’re God or something like it,


to me

in that



For less than a minute my mind wandered

to those fluoro orange sneakers

and okay

I wasn’t paying attention

when you turned to slow,

slow is what got us here.

You know it, I know it, feeling that strange sense of one shoe missing.


Out there, tonight

a pair of fluoro orange sneakers

with other crazy shoes

will sneak past stop signs?


Orange sneakers know this world is fast,

seconds are vital,

standout and stride to the next illusion.

Connecting dots.


Here we are losing seconds

you losing patience.

Glaring at each other

all because we failed to see the importance

of orange sneakers.


12 thoughts on “Orange Sneakers

  1. the sudden attack of memory…been there…you talking to me like you are god…been there too….all from orange sneakers eh? smiles…this world is fast…true that and i am not sure its a good thing…

  2. Of course it’s all about the all important orange sneakers, except, it isn’t really, is it. It’s all about what we assign the important things too and in the end, when it all boils down to it, what we feel is sooooo almighty all important, wasn’t really and truly all that anyways. Great points made through all of this.
    Btw, did I tell you, I love the pic in your sidebar of the putty tat. Beautiful 🙂

  3. “Feeling that strange sense of one shoe missing” …this one captured my imagination and then carried along. A nice ride. Orange sneakers.

  4. It’s amazing how something will set our brains to ticking, and fill our minds with the wildest memories. I constantly find myself thinking about something from the obscure past, and wondering, “Where the heck did that come from?”
    Love this, Dianne. Very nice.

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