The Nottingham Solution

We hear the Sheriff of Nottingham hiss
Blowouts of ninety billion dollars worth
In Sherwood Forest is a deep abyss
He’ll take it all back from those poor at birth
Hell bent on tightening only our girth
Given a chance he’d tax the sun
Oh sad the fine state so lacking in mirth
Once was beautiful until Newman won

For Dversepoets the challenge the huitain, sorry I used politics but sometimes you just need to vent.


16 thoughts on “The Nottingham Solution

  1. LOL… well why not use politics! Can’t get away from them, can we. And, they are robbing the poor to give to the rich.. where is Robbin Hood when you need him!
    Nicely done 😉

  2. We’ve even heard about this in the US…I guess even our politics are mingled these days. Language unites us in so many ways, and politics too. This huitain is richly wrought and infused with beauty. Very happy to read it and happy you joined us today! Bravo!!

  3. Hell, I say MORE politics! I’m from Wisconsin in the Midwest of America, and we have the country’s worst governor (except for that wackadoodle in Arizona) and now the Republican VP candidate. Hard to keep lunch down, that last.

    Your rhyme scheme was interesting and not forced. Not familiar with the form, but I’m not one for forms – I’m all about the texture, the wording, the flow, the meaning. And one would not have to know your local politics to get your meaning! The thieves hell-bent on not sharing? Lobbyists and members of Congress… and the 17 greedy rich white men who hold onto their leashes.
    Peace (yeah, right, after that rant? ha ha) Amy

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