Summer and Memories of Mordialloc


Some see the beach like a cool gem

 glazing it over in pastels tones

 sand softens to cream, dimpled so gently

with ultramarine footprints

over the dunes

 subdued colours laying behind heat haze and salt spray

beauty captured like a garden in a bottle

yet no matter how beautiful the impression

the beach in summer for me is like a visual shot of tequila

colour that hits you all at once

splattered with drops of sunlight dazzling upon blue

lightening to turquoise where the waves lazily flop

leaving white lattice webs to weave and disappear

Into the jaune brilliant and Vincent yellow shores

voluptuous clouds slowly saunter across cobalt blue skies

sometimes bursting like kids screaming “I see it, I see it”

that welcoming strip of blue at the end of city streets

with lollipop umbrellas, dotted over the sand

the smell of vinyl as we sat in the back of that old Holden station wagon

where the warm north wind carried the aroma of fish and chips

through the wound down windows


For dversepoets poetics


18 thoughts on “Summer and Memories of Mordialloc

  1. “A visual shot of tequila color” — what a wonderful way to describe the beach! Enjoyed this so much, and now I wish I had those fish and chips.

  2. mmm…loving all the visual and tactile delight in that last little bit there….would not mind being at the beach…just to hear her lapping….really great write, you got the texture for sure in this one…

  3. i love this…the beach in summer for me is like a visual shot of tequila
    colour that hits you all at once…. so true…love the vividness in this..the warmth, the scents…great capture of the sea and the beach and summer….and i really wanna go there now…sigh..

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