Gift Wrapped

From within little rooms

we can hear birds chorusing the rising sun

insulated from the weather

we’re cool, warm, with a luxury to pretend

a little while longer


watching silly people in a house

filled with as much hot air

as the earth below us

very different but I wonder in essence

if they’re just as dangerous

all waiting to blow


voyeurs we are, into lives

artificial doses of reality

that does what… entertain


shut away in our own box

complete with air conditioned comfort

we pry and prod

from our enormous chairs

into other people’s lives


and update our own


where we are, what we’re doing

leaving breadcrumbs with the pressing of buttons

in the hope we will be found


connecting yet somehow disconnected

while the world still goes on

developing, destroying, deploying

but we watch…

canoodling of strangers on the telly


our heaven contained in little boxes

row by never ending row

of terracotta dreams

package deals of a lifetime

complete with franchised television

and face book


in a disconnected way we are all connected

with the same disease

a desire for media ocrity


and those that target it

know where we are

in little boxes

just waiting to be wrapped up

into neat little packages


11 thoughts on “Gift Wrapped

  1. ha – i like… the social media, reality tv… if someone had told us about that a few years ago, we wouldn’t have believed it probably…i always think everything has two sides and finding the middle path isn’t always easy..ha…see..i’m talking from my little box over here…smiles

  2. voyeurs we are, into lives

    artificial doses of reality

    that does what… …ha…that is what we do and then some…is it all entertainment i wonder…on some level but that would discount the feelings i have for the friends i have made ….i think though we can not lose touch with the life going on around us…

  3. Clever clever writing here. Enjoyed every bit of it. This line made me smile out loud, if such a thing can be done:

    leaving breadcrumbs with the pressing of buttons

    Now back into my box for the remainder of the day…

  4. Very powerful… I tend to isolate myself a bit, don’t watch much television and this reminds me why… it feels creepy. Very clever poem… I enjoyed it very much.

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