Bathed in warm sunlight, Peta moves in slow motion through the park, like her every move is thought out first, choreographed to finest detail. Her smile, the slight turn of her head, the way she crosses her right leg in front of her left and then lets her body slump slightly forward. All the while she’s laughing and then shyly, she stares down at the ground. There is a truth captured in her eyes that convey a quiet self awareness, that she has sensed the first loss of freedom that happens to young girls when they reach her age. The real freedom to move unobserved through life.

Little by little she had become aware, of glances in her direction. The shy looks from the boys at school, the sideways looks from men in the street and her annoying cousin Billy’s, relentless torments. For now though, she is playing ball with her little sister and her smile is delicate, still clinging to the sweet innocence of childhood while she hovers on the precipice of womanhood.

At fifteen Peta is not the cover girl stunner, her face radiates a natural youthful beauty in her flawless complexion. Her cheeks are flushed with the freshness of autumn, her creamy unblemished skin gleams, topped with a slight shake of freckles and from beneath her lustrous eyelashes, flash eyes of deep blue. Her long brown hair is straight, pulled back into a ponytail that slaps gently across her face as she runs. She’s like a gazelle, lithe and graceful with long slender limbs and for this moment, is free.

Wearing a white cotton top and blue denim shorts, all one need do is add a flower behind her ear and she could be the face of the sixties.  Her face radiates love, especially for her younger sister, as she runs towards her and scoops her up in her arms.  Peta twirls her around, lets her fall to the ground then quickly picks up the ball and runs away. Her sister, who is about seven, runs giggling behind her sister.

Here playing in the park with the sun splintering through the trees, the scene plays out like a dated clip from an old home movie, screened against a lounge room wall.  Nature gives her a stage with a back drop of sparkling water on which she can grow. Peta has already conquered the awkwardness of her age. Her true beauty lies in her confidence that already shines through her shy smile. She is an elegant swan, gliding through the water leaving diamonds in her wake knowing a richer gem awaits somewhere in her future.


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6 thoughts on “Peta

  1. smiles…i am glad she has that confidence….not all at her age have it honestly…so many struggles there on the edge with understanding your own identity and how that interplays with others…and the ways we go about defining that…cool write…a little tension…i hope she gets that gem…

  2. oh di – you captured her just beautifully…so detailed that i could really see her and with such a sensitivity…it’s not an easy time in a girl’s life and i’m glad she has that confidence and love that she cares so much about her sis as well

  3. This is beautiful!The way you describe her is so lovely… and they way she plays with her sister shows she is full of love for her family!

  4. What a beautiful spirit Peta is. You have portrayed her age and character well. I loved the last sentence which says it all:

    “She is an elegant swan, gliding through the water leaving diamonds in her wake knowing a richer gem awaits somewhere in her future.”

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