Real Life Knocks, Sit Coms, Flatmates and Movies



It was a harsh knock…a surprised knock

I was engrossed with the movie Phar Lap

with the volume turned up

drowning out the ooh’s and ah’s… the sighs, the laughs

the embarrassing screams of ecstasy coming from the bedroom down the hall

“Hey it’s Harry I was bored, thought I’d come over and see what you girls were up to.”

Uh oh… unexpected knock, most unexpected knock… what to do now…

I jumped from the couch…

“and they’re off…” ooh… ahhh… KNOCK, KNOCK…

“in the 1930 Melbourne cup.”

Phar lap rounds the bend as I round the couch…

Knock… knock “come on open up… what are ya doing?”

“Nothing at all”

your girlfriend however… hmmm…another story

“Won’t be long…there in a minute… Harry… just hold on.”

Knock knock… “Harry’s here”, I whisper through the bedroom door


Door flings open, he’s off… half dressed man with sarong lingering far behind, he gathers cotton, as he turns the final bend, hurdling kitchen chair with ease, locked back door blocks half dressed man from final turn on to the back porch, frazzled half dressed man is three lengths ahead of shocked mistress who quickly tidies dishevelled hair from just a neck from a whiff of perfume spraying forth and as sighs settles down into the thick of things, half dressed man speeds his way to victory as shocked mistress opens the front door. “Hello Harry,” says gently flicking back her head diva, divine innocence oozing over the final stages and it’s… “Phar Lap, Phar Lap who wins the 1930 Melbourne Cup.”

Disappointed me


“Damn I’ve missed my movie.”


Divine Diva saunters to bedroom followed closely by Hello Harry.

“at least you know who won.” She winks.

I peek through curtains,

as half dressed man, almost fully clothed heads down the homeward straight

last home is just me followed by a change of channels

and late night movie died in the final stages to be last past the post.





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13 thoughts on “Real Life Knocks, Sit Coms, Flatmates and Movies

  1. haha…i love how the movie overlayed what was going on in reality….oy…that was a close one for her eh? cant win too many of them by a nose and get away with it you know…smiles…nice blend of poetry and prose as well…

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