Blue Bottles

She sealed her fear in blue bottles

screamed in and capped it

like wine

she let it age

she let it refine


a potent venom to swallow.”

“to swallow…”

to swallow…”


Blue bottles lined shelves

stacked against the walls

a blue tinge of fear

decorated her home


“there’s always room… for one more…”

“for one more…”

for one more…”


Her lips pursed and blue

inked like death

yet she walked…

within the boundaries

of blue bottled walls

avoiding windows


“must not step into the light…”

“the light…”

the light…”


Inching side to side – toe to the very edge

of the rectangular cast of light

flattened to the floorboards

a spotlight of temptation


“edge that toe

crisp it black as ash…”

“black as ash…”

black as ash…”


Clasping her ears

the voices silenced…


for now…for now…”


she opened yet another

blue bottle

capped it

placed it gently on top of the stack


“and if one blue bottle should accidently…”






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17 thoughts on “Blue Bottles

  1. I loved the way this poem read, loved the italics, the repetition. I could just see this narrator. And then I began to look around for blue bottles…………..

  2. something suffocating about this…it made me think about what happen to us IF WE DON’T deal with our fears…they build up….until…as you so poetically put…’and if one blue bottle, should accidentally fall’…very much enjoyed this and clever take on the prompt

  3. Oh I like, especially the presentation and clever use of repetition, and created ebbs and floes of rhythm, cadence. So excellente! It’s like I’m some how related to this piece. And it sounds so perfect outloud. One of my favs.

  4. Oooo… very, very good imagery!!
    This reminded me a bit of… do not walk on the cracks between the paving slabs, it’s bad luck!
    This was sooooo vivid. It felt like a nursery rhyme for adults.. scary! 😉

  5. nice…the repetition is incredible in this as far as setting the tone….and we only hope those fears never break loose…it to me is like anger…when undealt with it builds and builds and one day will come back to haunt us

  6. The repetitive inserts add the edge of madness to the narrative–love the image of screaming into the bottle and capping it inside. (We both got that swallowing thing down, huh. Eat or be eaten)

  7. i much like the image of the bottles, so palpable…makes something visible that we may feel but cannot see…hopefully the bottles don’t break though but then…like the wine, maybe things have then changed already

  8. I really like (well, not like, but you know what I mean) the idea you present of bottling one’s fears and then living amid them, and all the anxiety that brings. Like everyone else I think the repetition and form of this are quite effective.

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