A Good Drink

Tea is a good drink

helps me drink the morning in

birds twittering focusing on the business at hand

through bright light

unfiltered rays

are cool first thing, even through glasses, birds fuss

I squint – glasses

new ones; through which I’ve tried to find my point

of equilibrium, balancing against light and dark

fuzz and clear like crystal – so I can say yes, I see,

details, crisp edges of fallen leaves where shadows

loom just beneath the bent hollow

where an empty vein ends. Leaving

a tear, a crack in what was once supple

but now brittle form – broken away, left floating in the breeze

the crunch of the earth, landing

where it may causing little pain, unlike

floating bone – spurring each step into the wilderness

like a tiny spear, I wonder when the fine edge cracks

if I shall topple, not sure I can see clearly a future

through the glass – a sudden wavering on the line

wriggling through the passage of time – each ache a notch

to score on the face of a life time – and if I fail to hear the bird song…

I shall drink tea – tis a good drink.



For dversepoets steampunk and enjambment


15 thoughts on “A Good Drink

  1. Being born and raised in England, I’m an avid tea drinker (Tetley) lol But now living in Canada I became addicted to coffee too. (Too addicted) So now, I cut the coffee out and have gone back to tea again. I feel for you, having to adjust to new glasses which make you feel a bit off balance isn’t too nice.
    Really enjoyed all of the imagery in this!

  2. In praise of tea–very nice! Reminds me of Bach’s Cantata No. 211, the “Coffee Cantata.” Good drinks deserve to be immortalized in art. Well done here.

  3. tea is a good drink…had some english breakfast last night….i like my coffee in the mornings on the back deck to sit and watch the world wake up…hear the first songs of the birds…it is a lot of peace for me….nice textures as well in the floating bone and the crunch….

  4. ha..just got disconnected from the internet while i was trying to post my comment..so not sure if it took…. was saying that the world looks so different if watched through a cup of tea…reflections of life…

  5. I must say, I did not understand the poem — read it twice.
    I could say something about liking tea, of course, but ….
    Can you give me a hint so I can go back through and make sense of this.
    I got images of failing, falling, breaking — but I drink my tea. But I would only walk away saying , “she like tea” — and I am sure you were shooting for something else.
    [e-mail replies, pls]

  6. Twinings new Assam Bold is a good strong brew. Addicted at the moment. Love this piece of prose/poem. Felt the arthritis, the world through glass and age and tea as a balm and something to sip for life.

    • Haven’t tried that one…I like strong tea. Yeah something to sip for life that’s what we all need.

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