We enter

unbeknown to the fate that awaits

feeding questions onto hooks

forever dangling them

in the waters

hoping to catch the big one

lurking in shadows

waters are never clear where the big fish hides

keeping his secrets


so we cast out

feeling the little tiddlers nibbling

the pieces we offer

a soft tug on the end of the line

we catch our own destiny

large or small

creating what suits and sustains

until the last desire lands

holding us until we leave

unbeknown to the fate that awaits



For dversepoets poetics


10 thoughts on “Fishing

  1. oh i like the images…the catching (or trying to catch) our own destiny…the feeding questions onto hooks, dangling them in the waters…ya know…i still have some questions on hooks in the water…and wait for answers that i may never get…

  2. This is so true, Dianne. I can remember times when I’d be fishing, and where I was was never the right spot. I was constaantly trying to cast my line “way over there”. This was especially true if I was fishing from the shore. Life is much the same; we’re always looking for that perfect spot, and somehow it’s never where we are at the moment. LOTS of good thoughts to ponder in this one! Great write!

  3. nice…i love the analogy of fishing…and catching our own destiny…all in what type bait we use as well you know….the questions…that was a really cool touch in this…and the waters are never truly clear….great write…

  4. I love “Waters are never clear where the big fish hide.” So true. If we ever hope to get the big one, we have to risk the depths where one can sometimes find the best rewards!

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